STNTV Prime is an invitation for qualified businesses to learn the latest trends in video marketing by taping a video segment and receiving a sample video marketing campaign. There is NO COST and there is no catch. We've grown into one of the most successful video marketing companies in the nation by letting business owners and marketing teams try our services so they can make an educated decision on whether  our unique video marketing content and strategies are right for them.  Here is what will happen during your studio visit: 

  • Pre-Production Meeting with our Brand Journalism team to go over video plan
  • Video Segment Taping on one of our sets at STNTV's studios
  • Initial Campaign Set-Up with one of our video marketing experts
  • Website Tracking Code installed on your website for visitor retargeting
  • Plan Initial Campaign on social media with your new video
  • Schedule Analytics Review to learn latest techniques for video marketing
  • and much more... (see details below)

Watch Video
Watch Video


1.) Qualification


If you haven't spoken to a representative yet,  CLICK HERE to let us know about your business and schedule an initial consultation to determine if you qualify for STNTV Prime.

2.) Schedule Studio Visit


After your initial consultation, we will schedule a 1 hour session at our studios to create the video(s) and set-up the initial campaign.

3.) Content Creation


Your organization will come down to the STNTV studios in downtown Phoenix, Arizona to tape your content.


4.) Install Your Tracking Pixel


In order to setup and run your new video marketing campaign, we will install a new video tracking pixel on your website and setup your existing Facebook business page to run your campaign from.  

5.) Run Your Sample Campaign


 Once your video is completed and campaign has been setup, we will then help you start your campaign on Facebook and start populating your live analytics dashboard.  

6.) Review Your Live Analytics


Once your campaign has been started, we will provide you with a live dashboard of how it is performing.   

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