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social television: A video content strategy brands adopt to connect and communicate with today’s digital and social audiences by showcasing the real stories behind their products and services utilizing television formats, personalities, facilities and production strategies. Common services include:

  • Hosted Expert Interview Segments 
  • Episodic Video Series
  • FAQ Tutorial Interviews
  • Company Vodcasts
  • Company Podcasts
  • Documentary Style Feature Stories
  • Livestreams
  • .tv pages

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Successful advertising today requires more than just a TV commercial or a few story-telling videos on your website. There's a new wave of brands finding advertising success by essentially becoming their own media companies. Most brands have never been invited to look at their organizations and imagine what they would do with a TV tab of their website or an episodic series of segments for social media and digital distribution. Having consistent social television content delivered on multiple platforms allows your brand to not just engage viewers, but also build collective audiences and match content to where they are in their relationship with your brand. 


  • Website Placement
  • Blog/Newsletter Placement
  • Social Media Ads
  • Website Retargeting
  • Video Viewership Retargeting
  • Audience/Subscriber Building

Ways to work with us

Content Creation

Work with our brand journalism team to produce your content and we'll deliver the video files for your internal staff or outside agency to distribute.

Content Distribution Calendar

Our design team can build a content calendar so your digital and social platforms can be synced with consistent  organic and paid distribution.

Social Advertising

We are a high value marketing partner for Facebook and Instagram and our proprietary distribution formula FunnelPoint has been recognized by their marketing science team as one of the most effective video marketing strategies in the nation.


At The Social Television Network (STNTV), we help grow local businesses with advanced video production, video marketing and brand journalism services from coast to coast. Recognized in 2018 by Facebook as one of their top 5 planning agencies in the US  and currently operating in the largest media markets in the United States, our team of dedicated and Emmy Award-winning professionals are now able to produce and market your video content in ways that traditional broadcasting companies and local advertisers can only dream of!  Below are descriptions of each area of our business...

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Watch Client Success Stories

Watch Client Success Stories

Video Production


 STNTV provides businesses of all sizes with world-class and industry-leading video production facilities, equipment, technologies, and professional know-how in order to help produce videos that will help you tell and sell your story, products and services to others! 

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Video Marketing


 Once we have produced your platform-specific videos, we are now able to optimize and get them in front of tens of thousands of your desired customers for a low monthly fee that nearly any business can now afford! 

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Brand Journalism


There is no need to rely on a news outlet to tell your story anymore. With STNTV’s Brand Journalism, you can create a compelling and visually appealing news piece and reach thousands of people without ever even pitching your story to a news station. 



NEWSROOM for Health Systems


A dedicated resource to create a large amount of patient focused video content that scales broadly and creates meaningful interactions between patients and various service lines.

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CONNECT for Private Practices


A video system to identify and connect with potential patients in your local market and continue the relationship with engaging content about your services.


MATCH for Legal Firms


A video system that creates content designed to match the journey of potential clients in your local market.

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